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Office staff were sent home by Aunt Bessie after the coronavirus outbreak

Employees at Hull’s Aunt Bessie’s factory were sent home to work after a coronavirus outbreak. One worker was seriously ill in the hospital.

A “small number” of employees have tested positive for the deadly virus, and the company announced that at least two people definitely have it.

It is now understood that a number of office workers have been directed to work from home as a result of the cases, even though the production side of the company is still using the usual workforce.

The Freightliner Road location is one of the city’s largest food factories, making popular products like Yorkshire pudding.

Multiple employees are also believed to isolate from either coming into contact with people at work who tested positive or following family members and friends who reported symptoms outside of the factory.

The bosses are believed to have held meetings with colleagues on Friday to reassure them that all security measures were followed.

“The health and well-being of our employees are our top priority,”

; said a company statement released on Thursday to Hull Live.

“We took decisive action early in March to introduce new procedures and maintain strict protocols at all locations, including our Hull Aunt Bessie’s factory, to reduce the risk of the coronavirus spreading among our employees.

“Our production facilities have always been refurbished on a regular basis, and at the beginning of March we introduced additional disinfection and system cleaning.

“Other measures in our Aunt Bessie’s facility include separating the floor space, using thermal infrared cameras to detect signs of high temperature, using plexiglass barriers in some areas, and making face masks mandatory.”

Aunt Bessies, Freightliner Road, West Hull
Aunt Bessies, Freightliner Road, West Hull

Aunt Bessie has confirmed that some clerks and executives still work at the Freightliner Road factory, although some are now doing their business from home.

The confirmed cases assume that one worker is seriously ill in the hospital while another is recovering at home.

The bosses cleaned the premises thoroughly when the cases came to light after positive test results last weekend.

They also say they implemented their own track and trace process to identify anyone who may have come into contact with the infected workers at the factory, who are believed to have 400 employees.

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The first employee is believed to have told supervisors that they felt uncomfortable last Thursday – the day before the second showed symptoms.

“We continue to follow the instructions of the national health authorities very strictly,” the company said.

“Currently there are few cases of coronavirus at our Aunt Bessie’s factory, but PHE has repeatedly congratulated us on our social distancing efforts and our proactive approach to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our colleagues.”

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