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OnePlus 5G Phone prototype will be shown at the MWC

Towards the end of this month, some mobile companies will be traveling to Mobile World Congress 201

9 in Barcelona to present their latest products. 5G phones will have plenty of time this year and many companies will bring their models. OnePlus has been talking to their 5G phone for several months, and it has now been shown that MWC 2019 is actually showing a 5G phone prototype.

OnePlus will not make a big deal at MWC 2019's rivals, but it will be present at Qualcomm's MWC booth from February 25 to February 28. There will be a 5G prototype that will allow visitors to get to know the next generation mobile network.

It's not that everyone in Barcelona is able to go to Qualcomm's booth. The Mobile World Congress is not open to the public. As a result, most OnePlus fans will only have to wait for MWC coverage from their favorite blogs and YouTubers to learn more about the device, which may reveal key details about the first OnePlus 5G smartphone.

Not much is known about this device at the moment, but OnePlus boss Pete Lau has previously said that the company is trying to ensure that the price of this device can be kept below $ 1,000. This could be an advantage as other Samsung 5G phones are expected to cost well over $ 1,000.

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