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OnePlus buds are available in the U.S. for $ 79

OnePlus Buds, the first true OnePlus wireless earphones, are now available in the United States. They were supposed to start yesterday, but the initial inventory was either very limited or someone forgot to hit the “inventory”

; button as they were marked as sold out for most of the day. Today they can be yours.

The OnePlus Buds (currently only available in white) offer a battery life of 7 hours with a full charge of 30 hours of earbuds to complete actions, and a … well, AirPods-like design.

I will be reviewing shortly, but I really like the OnePlus Buds after testing them in the past few weeks. Thanks to a software update, they produce sound at the level of the pixel buds and have a really good battery life. At $ 80, they’re not perfect (the customizable tap situation isn’t too good), and you have to hope they’ll fit in your ears right away, but they’re a much cheaper option than Apple, Google, or Samsung.

Only white is still available today, the gray pair is coming soon. The blue couple that I tested doesn’t seem to come here.

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