When we first pointed out that OnePlus was sneaking unwanted Facebook apps and services (read: bloat) into its then-newest flagship 8 series and the Nord, the company said it had no plans to ditch that partnership anytime soon . But it now looks like the public naming and shaming actually worked, forcing OnePlus to get rid of pre-installed Facebook crap, starting with the latest 8T.

According to reports, OnePlus has decided to continue its previous call to shovel Facebook junk down its customers̵

7; throats and leave the 8T with almost no bloatware. The only non-OnePlus and non-Google app preinstalled on the latest budget flagship is Netflix. The company still claims that this somehow improves the app’s HDR rendering. The input has been confirmed by OnePlus that these Facebook apps and services will not make a comeback for the foreseeable future, but it has refused to do so in the longer term.

Unfortunately, this change means little for users of a T-Mobile OnePlus 8T +, as the carrier model is pre-installed with the McAfee app. Input also notes that OnePlus is pretty unlikely to remove Facebook bloatware from its older phones that it received as part of their operating system – namely the 8 Pro, 8, and Nord – likely due to its agreement with the social media network. Giants. At least those who choose the 8T this holiday season don’t have to put up with these nasty services or go to the trouble of disabling them one by one.