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OnePlus, don’t let carriers screw you up

In our rating of OnePlus NorthWe have had no hesitation in telling you that it would be a phone that you should also consider across flagships should it come to the US. The value is too good, there is only one big problem ̵

1; it does not come to the USA. Later this year, we’ll see some kind of Nord phone that, according to OnePlus, could still be a strong competitor, and I’m worried that network operators will screw it up.

While Wired’s In a report on Nord, they mentioned that Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus, said that he would expect a Nord brand phone in the US sometime in 2020. Might not This OnePlus Nord, but if it’s part of this new Nord brand, it’s likely to be similar.

There is a possibility that OnePlus will follow its usual roadmap and release a T-like version of Nord later in the year, along with a OnePlus 8T line. If they do, I could see processor upgrades with a Snapdragon 768G and a larger battery, maybe even an optimization of the camera setup. It’s all right.

What happens when Verizon says it wants the new North? What happens if you want to add cheaper phones to your 5G product range? This is the worrying part. Verizon will require 5G mmW support, which would result in a OnePlus Nord 5G UW. Aside from the stupid name, we know that mmW hardware raises prices (Verizon’s OnePlus 8 costs $ 100 more than everyone else), making the $ 400 to the $ 500 north or the $ 600 north could become.

And maybe they want exclusivity or T-Mobile only gets the best color or both update Carreir Nord more slowly than the unlocked models or … you get it. Mobile operators in the United States often make phone selection worse if it is not a Samsung or Apple product.

Don’t let them do it, OnePlus.

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