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OnePlus introduces Bullets Wireless Z Bass Edition and 10000mAh Power Bank

At an online event today, OnePlus took to the virtual stage to unveil the OnePlus 8T, a notable makeover of the OnePlus 8 with more bells and whistles like a 120Hz display and 65W charge. We got the chance to check it out and we found it to be a great upgrade from the T series. In addition, OnePlus announced the OnePlus Buds Z, a cheaper version of the OnePlus Buds that comes with improvements like silicone tips and an IP55 rating. But that’s not all the company has announced. If you’re not a fan of true wireless earbuds and prefer neckband style headphones, then you are probably hoping for a new version of the Bullets Wireless. If you happen to live in India, we have good news: OnePlus has announced the Bullets Wireless Z Bass Edition, a minor overhaul of the existing Bullets Wireless Z.

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Bass Edition

What is the main difference between the regular version and the new Bass Edition? Both come with 9.2mm drivers that can deliver a rich bass effect and vocals, resulting in a comfortable listening experience. These headphones also come with what OnePlus calls “Ambient Noise Cancellation”. This shouldn̵

7;t be confused with the active noise cancellation that is found in more premium products. Hard to complain about when you look at the price: £ 1,999. We can assume that OnePlus has adjusted the bass profile to better match the typical music Indian audiences hear (hence the name), so the bass on these is likely to be fuller than on the standard model.

Among other things, the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Bass Edition offers 100 ms of low-latency audio, which is slightly less than the 110 ms latency of the regular Bullets Wireless Z. There’s also Warp Charge support that lets you get 10 hours of fast charge of 10 minutes. The total battery life of the device is 17 hours of listening time on a single charge, compared to the 20 hours of the regular version.

The Bullets Wireless Z Bass Edition will be pre-order from OnePlus’s official India Store on October 15, before it will be available from Amazon and Flipkart on October 16. The open sale begins on November 2nd. The headphones can be added in a new color, Reverb Red or Bass Blue.

    OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Bass Edition

    At just £ 1,999, the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Bass Edition is an affordable pair of entry-level wireless bluetooth earbuds.

OnePlus Power Bank 10,000mAh

Are you looking to quickly charge your new OnePlus 8T? OnePlus is now selling a new version of its 10,000 mAh power bank. This device has two USB ports and can charge two devices at the same time at a speed of 18W. It also supports pass-through charging, so you can charge your phone and power bank at the same time. The power bank has 12 layers of protection to protect against damage. It weighs 225 g and has a curved body, so it’s light and easy to carry. You will soon be able to buy the power bank from the OnePlus online shop in India in black or green color.

    OnePlus Power Bank 10000mAh

    The OnePlus Power Bank is a cheap, 10,000mAh portable charging solution that costs just £ 1,299.

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