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OnePlus’ OxygenOS 11 is likely to bring the features we urgently need

You may remember OnePlus CEO Pete Lau’s test a week ago, in which he indicated that his company (finally) is introducing a constantly available display function with the update to Android 1

1. As it turns out, we may have an appointment for this unveiling and OnePlus can give us more.

By posting on the OnePlus forums, Lau urged the OnePlus community to expect “some exciting updates” for their OxygenOS in the near future. After a few developer preview builds for Android 11, they plan to release the final developer preview on August 10th. At this point, there is a good chance that they will present a handful of new features.

Lau said that OxygenOS 11 (Android 11) will introduce “fresh design elements as well as some highly anticipated features that many of you have asked for”. It would not specify what they were, but reference functions based on the feedback from the Open Ears forums and the IDEAS platform.

As of May, you can remember that OnePlus on the IDEAS platform has for the first time confirmed the upcoming addition of a constantly available ad. At the time, they were also talking about adding folders to the app drawer, new features in Zen mode, the fingerprint lock for hidden images in the gallery, and much more. We believe that Android 11 could bring the much needed switching of the dark theme to the quick settings. This is another feature OnePlus shared with us.

August 10 is officially noted in our OnePlus Large OxygenOS Calendar calendars. Keep in mind that they may reveal new extras, but they may not appear on your OnePlus phone for some time as they create betas and prepare for a stable release.

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