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OnePlus Z Benchmarks Have Been Leaked


Apart from Apple, which has earned fierce dedication from fans, OnePlus is a brand with one of the biggest cult followings in the smartphone industry. It’s managed to build this loyal customer base in just a few years, having released its first device, the OnePlus 1 in 2014.

One of the things that helped it achieve this was the fact that it offered devices with technical specifications and quality that rivalled the flagship devices from Samsung, Google and Apple but without the hefty price tag. That’s where the company’s slogan “Never Settle” comes from, alluding to the fact that OnePlus customers won’t settle for a compromise.

Over the years though, the price of OnePlus devices have slowly been creeping up. Having started out at just $299 in 201

4, the latest OnePlus 8 costs $649, with the Pro version costing even more.

While this is still cheaper than most other handsets, it’s still more expensive when you factor in inflation.

That’s why OnePlus is said to be working on a new smartphone, the OnePlus Z. This budget handset has been rumoured for some time and will offer up strong tech specs with a lower price.


OnePlus has been very quiet about the OnePlus Z, and what we do know about it so far has come from leaks. The most recent of these came in early June as a Geekbench 5 listing with the model OnePlus AC2003 was reported by Pocketnow.

This model is not one of the previously released devices and it appears to run Android 10, so most have assumed it is the OnePlus Z.


The thing that most tech commentators were concerned about was the OnePlus Z’s processor. This key component is usually the main source of performance bottlenecks on smartphones, so a strong chipset would be promising.

The benchmark leaks show it using an 8-core processor with a base frequency of 1.8 GHz, similar to other leading smartphones on the market today. Many are reporting that this is likely the Snapdragon 765G, a 5G chipset but with slightly less processing power as the 865 models found in flagship devices.

This means it will be more powerful than most mid-range smartphones but won’t compete with the Samsung Galaxy S20, OnePlus 8 or Google Pixel 4. It also doesn’t come close to the processing power of the latest iPhone SE which has the same chipset as the iPhone 11.

Gaming & Heavy Lifting

Although it’s not a flagship processor, the performance is still going to be good enough for most users. With 12 GB of RAM and an octa-core processor, the OnePlus Z will have the power to play all of the games currently available to download from the Google Play Store, whether it’s classic games like PokerStars and ScrabbleGo or more graphics-intensive titles like Infinity Ops and Cover Fire.

The 12 GB of RAM will also be helpful for people who like to do a lot of multitasking as it should create for a seamless transition between apps.

Day to Day Use

For typical day to day use, the leaked tech specs look solid, making a phone that will be ideal for the average user. If you’re upgrading from a smartphone that’s a few years old, then it will still provide a step up in performance.

It’s only power users and gamers that will likely be dissatisfied with the performance.


This latest leak doesn’t give us any more information about the phone. There has been no concrete information about the camera that will be included on the OnePlus Z, but it’s likely to be below the specs of the cameras in the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro.

Looking at the iPhone SE 2020, it contains the same camera hardware as the iPhone 8, so it may be helpful to look at the camera found on the OnePlus 6 or 7. Both offer great picture quality, although it’s not on par with the latest generation of flagship handsets.

We’re starting to get a better picture of what to expect from the OnePlus Z thanks to the string of leaks. This latest one shows us that the phone will be powerful enough for most users, and if the price is right, may offer a great balance between cost and performance.