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Oppo brings ColorOS 11 Android 11 goodness

Oppo announced ColorOS 11, the latest version of its own user interface installed on its smartphones, and one of the first to be created over Google’s Android 11. Anyone familiar with ColorOS may be wondering what happened to ColorOS 8, 9, and 10. The last version to be released was ColorOS 7. The reason for skipping these versions, according to Oppo, is to make it less confusing for people what version of Android the user interface is and that the Android version available is Features are explained inside.

ColorOS 11’s new always-on screen and other adjustments

ColorOS 7 was a big step forward for Oppo as it moved closer to standard Android in the way it was used and displayed, and diverged from the previously customized highly customized versions. In conversations with people who use its phones, Oppo has listened to feedback and has kept the basics of Android, from gesture controls and Gboard keyboard to the settings page and notification bar, which are intact for ColorOS 11.

What’s new ColorOS 11 is all about giving you a little more control over the software without getting rid of the Android basics. The always-on screen now has animated patterns that can be customized, right down to the way the shapes move and what colors they use. Each always-on area also shows the time, date, battery level and notification icons.

The phone’s wallpaper can be customized using a photo to isolate colors. Even the ringtones can be edited using a slider to create a variety of sounds, including simple melodies and lively pieces of music with a fast or slow tempo. One of my new favorite features is great for anyone who receives multiple messages in quick succession. ColorOS 11 strings the sounds for these notifications together to create a single melody so they don’t get too distracting.

The automatic translation gesture of ColorOS 11

Dark Mode has been upgraded with three different visual options, each with a different level of grayscale, as well as the ability to set the start and end time, which is tied to the existing timer for sunset and sunrise. ColorOS 11 has some new features. The most notable is a three-finger gesture with quick access to Google Lens for instant text translation, as well as version 2.0 of Oppo Relax, a mindfulness app that now includes specifically for creating city soundscapes.

Elsewhere, there’s FlexDrop, which offers the ability to resize floating multitasking windows, a super-power-saving mode that prioritizes up to six apps so that they still work when the battery is low, and Battery Guard, which keeps the battery charged 80% interrupts overnight before the battery is fully charged. Early morning charge. Since ColorOS 11 is based on Android 11, it offers all new data protection functions, including app permission settings, private system and app lock.

When will ColorOS 11 arrive? According to Oppo, the update for Find X2 Pro, Find X2 and Find X2 Pro Lamborghini Edition will be released in December. Theater phones will be available in the first three months of 2021. A total of 28 Oppo phones will receive ColorOS 11, including the Reno 10X Zoom. The launch will be staggered, and phones that are not tied to a carrier will likely get the software first.

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