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Oppo’s 125W phone charger is full in 20 minutes

Do you have 20 minutes left? Great, because it takes so long for Oppo’s new battery charging technology to get a 4,000 mAh battery from empty to full. Maybe you have less time and just need some strength? That’s okay too, as the same technology delivers a 41% charge in just 5 minutes. It’s really impressive, since most of the fastest charging phones you can buy today take an hour to reach 100%.

Oppo’s 125-watt flash charge technology is an evolution of the already super fast VOOC technology we’ve seen in the past. With such an enormous amount of power flowing into your phone, Oppo has also wisely improved the security side. There are 1

0 additional temperature sensors to ensure that the safety limits are not exceeded, as well as a special overvoltage protection for fuses.

The company has not stopped accelerating wired charging, it has also improved wireless charging technology. The new wireless AirVOOC charger delivers 65W of power to charge a 4,000mAh cell in just 30 minutes. Safety is important here, too, and it even includes a foreign body detection system that is placed on the load mat to prevent accidental attempts to charge the cat. Oppo showed a concept version of the AirVOOC charger with a cooling system in the base to keep the temperature of the phone under control.

Oppos 50W Super VOOC charging package.

Along with these two impressive new innovations in phone charging, Oppo has also been working on a small travel-sized SuperVOOC battery that can be charged at 50 W, but has a footprint that is barely larger than a credit card and only 1 cm thick . Finally, a second 110 W mini charger was made that is about the size of a standard charging stone.

Oppo has been known for its fast charging technology for some time, and we have seen that it is used on a variety of its smartphones, including the Oppo Reno Ace, which fully charges its 3,400 mAh battery in 35 minutes. The 125 W flash charge technology introduced today takes this to the next level.

When will it arrive on a phone? Oppo says the technology is commercially ready, but there are currently no announcements about when we will see it on a phone. Oppo launched its 65W Super VOOC charger in September 2019 and finally arrived on the Oppo Reno Ace in January 2020, so we may not have to wait that long.

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