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OrbitsEdge Collaborates with HPE in Computing and Analytics of Orbital Data Centers – TechCrunch

What types of companies could operate in space? Well, datacenters are a potential target that you may not have thought of. Space provides an interesting environment for data center operations, including advanced analysis operations and even artificial intelligence, due in part to excellent cooling conditions and adequate access to renewable energy (solar). However, there are challenges that make a new partnership between Florida-based space startup OrbitsEdge and Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE) very meaningful. Basically, this means that the Space Startup will do all that is needed to complete the HPE's standard equipment -Micro datacenter for use in space to "harden". Hardening is a standard procedure for preparing things for use in space, and it prepares equipment that can withstand the increased levels of radiation, extreme temperatures, and other stresses caused by space.

OrbitsEdge, founded earlier this year, has developed its own proprietary hardware called "SatFrame", which was developed to counteract the burden of a space-based operating environment, and makes it relatively easy to use devices such as the HPE Edgeline system from the To take pole and make it work in outer space without the need for an enormous amount of additional, custom work.

Considering the potential benefits of this partnership, it will be more practical than ever to set up a small datacenter in orbit that will do at least part of the space data processing. based data directly near the place where it was collected rather than having to transport it back to earth. This process can be expensive and difficult to procure, even when it comes to finding businesses and infrastructures for their use. As with in-space manufacturing, local action could save significant costs and unleash great potential in the long term.

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