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Orcas ram into boats in northern Spain for some reason

Orcas ram into boats along the Spanish and Portuguese coasts and no one knows why.

Orcas ram into boats the Spanish and Portuguese coasts and nobody knows why.
photo:: Olivier Morin / AFP (Getty Images)

Although the majority of orcas Ignoring boats at seaThere are some in northern Spain who seem interested in invading them, raising a number of questions and a little bit of concern.

On Friday, Halcyon Yachts was in the process of bringing a 36-foot boat to the UK when an orca reportedly struck its stern at least 15 times in the guard. The incident resulted in the boat, which was confirmed by Spanish media as the Beautiful Dreamer, losing its steerability, and it was towed to the Spanish city of A Coruña.

“It broke the helm repeatedly, 15 times I think. It ripped it out of our hands. ” Justin Crowther, captain of the Beautiful Dreamer, told the Spanish newspaper La Voz de Galicia. “We switched everything off, switched off the engine, switched off all the electronics and they disappeared. Until we took the rescue. “

Maritime Rescue, the Spanish government agency responsible for assistance at sea, aannounced the orca encounter on Twitter and posted a video. It advised others not to go near the orcas.

“There is a radio advisory service in place,” the company wrote. “If you see [these orcas], don’t come closer and keep a large distance. “

This is not the first time orcas have been rammed into boats along the Spanish and Portuguese coasts. In recent weeks, two boats have had encounters with orcas in the area. One of them was a Spanish naval sailboat, the Mirfak. Although the crew tried to avoid the orcas, the animals managed to seriously damage the boat’s wooden rudder Faro de Vigo Newspaper.

Researchers claim the behavior is strange, but it shouldn’t be alarming. Alfredo López, a biologist at the non-profit coordinator for marine mammal research, told the Faro de Vigo that the organization believes these incidents could be the work of two individual orcas who could be “alone” or “part of a group”.

López believes this could be a case of young orcas currently going through a period of learning and curiosity, but said there are not enough images yet to confirm this.

However, he thinks it is important to point out that humans should not be afraid, as orcas “do not jump on deck to attack humans”.

“People can lead their normal lives,” he said. “There is no evidence in the world of a willful attack on a person or injury or anything like that.”

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