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Original iPad Mini from 2012 classified as “Vintage” by Apple

Apple today updated its list of vintage and obsolete products and added the original 7.9-inch iPad mini, first released in 2012.

Apple’s vintage product list includes devices that weren’t sold more than five and less than seven years ago, while the obsolete list includes products that were discontinued more than seven years ago.

Devices on the vintage list can continue to receive hardware service from Apple and Apple service providers, as long as repair components are available and required by law. Without exception, obsolete products have no hardware service.

The first ‌iPad‌ mini, Apple’s smallest tablet released to date, was replaced in 2013 when the second generation ‌iPad‌ mini was released. However, Apple sold it until 2015. Since then, the ‌iPad‌ of the third, fourth and fifth generation mini models has been made available, with a version of the sixth generation with a mini LED display, which is expected to appear in the not too distant future.

Apple’s original “iPad” mini had an A5 chip, 512 GB RAM, up to 64 GB memory and a 1024 x 768 display that was not considered a retina. The ‌iPad‌ mini has not undergone many design changes since its introduction, and the current release version still has thick frames and a Touch ID home button.

Apple today not only added the original ‌iPad‌ mini to the vintage list, but also added the 21.5-inch iMac from late 2011 to its outdated list.

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