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Over 800,000 birth certificate copies submitted online

Currently, it's becoming increasingly difficult to determine which parts of your personal information has not been exposed online .

According to Fidus Information Security, the company that discovered the data, there were nearly 800,000 birth certificate copies currently sitting online.

And the number keeps growing.

TechCrunch's first published records were compiled by a company that allows individuals in the United States to request copies of their birth certificates. The company's Amazon Web Services area contains private information such as names, birthdays, past and current addresses, emails, phone numbers, family member names, and the reason why people are trying to get the copy.

In particular, the exposed bucket also contains data for children.

It is important that the information is not password protected. This means that a bad actor only has to guess a URL to access the information. That's why we do not call the company.

Both Fidus Information Security and TechCrunch also refused to release the company's name because it did not respond to their requests for comments or, more importantly, fixed the issue.

"We have made several contacts with the company and Amazon," said Fidus Director Andrew Mabbit by e-mail. "However, Amazon can only report this to the bucket owner and not take corrective action itself."

We also contacted the company in question to draw attention to the disclosed data and ask for a comment, but did not receive an immediate answer.

In other words, the data stays out there ̵

1; ripe for recording.

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