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Pakistan gives TikTok a “final warning” and blocks the Bigo app for “immoral, obscene and vulgar content” – TechCrunch

Tick ​​tack came under fire in another country.

Pakistan blocked the Bigo live streaming app and “finally warned” ByteDances TikTok about “immoral, obscene and vulgar content” in the apps.

The country’s telecommunications authority said it had received a number of complaints from various parts of society about the type of video that was distributed on Bigo and ByteDance App and how it affects “Society in general and youth in particular”


The Pakistani Telecommunications Agency said in a statement that it recently shared these concerns with ByteDance and Bigo Technologies, which operate the Bigo app, and asked them to proactively “moderate socialization and content within legal and moral boundaries.” However, the response from these apps is not satisfactory.

“Therefore, PTA, in exercising its powers under the country’s PECA (Electronic Crime Prevention Act), has decided to block Bigo immediately and to warn TikTok to set up a comprehensive mechanism for controlling obscenity, vulgarity and immorality through its social media application. ”

ByteDance did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Bigo could not be reached immediately.

The push from Pakistan comes weeks after its neighbor India banned TikTok, Bigo and 57 other apps developed by Chinese companies because of cyber security concerns.

Before the ban, TikTok identified India – where it had amassed over 200 million active users each month – as its largest market outside of China. As in India, TikTok is also very popular in Pakistan, said Dane Khalid, a senior executive at Bykea, a startup based in Karachi.

According to the Mobile Insights company Sensor Tower, TikTok was the most downloaded app in Pakistan last year, with around 40 million Internet users.

Some activists have denied Pakistan’s warning to TikTok and Bigo Live’s blocking, calling the moving nation’s attempt “to test the ground to what extent they can censor”.

Pakistan also temporarily banned the popular mobile game PUBG earlier this week because it was feared that teenagers across the nation would waste their time with the “addicting” app.

Earlier this year, the Pakistani government unveiled some of the most comprehensive Internet censorship rules in the world that would have hit American nationwide technology companies hard. But the rules were later withdrawn after Facebook, Google, and Twitter among other companies threatened to leave the nation.

TikTok, the marquee app from ByteDance, is also facing tensions in the USA. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said earlier this month that the United States “certainly” fear TikTok’s ban because of concerns that the Beijing government could use it as a surveillance and propaganda tool.

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