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Pandora Stories lets artists add comments to their own playlists

Pandora today released stories, a tool that artists and developers can use to add voice commentary to their own playlists. The Stories contains podcasts with music playlists. This is for artists who add context to an album, or for podcasters to experiment with new storytelling formats. The feature is part of Pandora AMP, the free streaming artist marketing platform that allows creators to do their job.

To kick off, Pandora provided some stories by artists such as John Legend and Daddy Yankee, who tell their listeners their personal stories that lie between their own songs. There is also a Stories playlist called Love Songs That Love Love Songs that contains comments on individual songs like a podcast, but gives access to Pandora's fully licensed music catalog. Pandora hopes the feature will be used by musicians enthusiastic not only by musicians, but also by actors, filmmakers, athletes, celebrities, authors and beyond. Creators interested in stories can sign up and apply to Pandora AMP.

Pandora Stories is the latest effort from a streaming Service to provide more podcast offerings for its user base. With the recent acquisitions of Gimlet and Anchor doubling on podcasts, Pandora is experimenting with a new format that gives artists control over how their music can be understood.

Pandora Premium subscribers can now listen to the Stories playlists. while ad-supported and Plus listeners can hear about Premium Access after watching a 30-second ad.

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