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Paper Mario: The origami king comes to the switch in July

The Switch 2020 lineup looks a bit thin, but has just gotten a nice boost with the announcement of just one Paper Mario: The Origami King. It is the series’ debut on the Switch and will be released on July 17th.

The Paper mario The series debuted on the N64 and differed from the main series with a focus on comedy and occasional RPG spinoff. The origami king seems to fit into this classic Paper mario Style, complete with charming papercraft art and far too many word games. The game also includes what Nintendo describes as “a new ring-based combat system”

; that lets you use your puzzle solving skills to target scattered enemies and maximize damage. In terms of history, Nintendo describes the premise as follows:

Mario faces one of his most exciting challenges Paper Mario: The Origami King when dangerous King Olly unleashed his plan to fold the whole world. Just when it couldn’t get any worse, he tied Princess Peach’s castle in huge, colored streamers and transported it to a distant mountain. He even turned Bowser’s servants into folded soldiers and hired them for his treacherous cause.

The origami king joins a relatively light cast, which includes such as Xenoblade chronicles and Brave Standard II. Of course, Nintendo already has a huge success in its hands Animal crossing: new horizons, which sold more than 13 million copies and contributed to the increase in switch sales.

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