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Parliamentary women's committee calls on Twitter and Facebook for online security concerns – Technology News, Firstpost

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Strengthening the Role of Women has called the platforms for social media Twitter and Facebook discuss issues of "online Safety of women and children, "sources shared tech2 .

The parliamentary committees, which act as a "mini-parliament", report to the House of Commons or the Speaker and play an important role in making recommendations and in formulating strategies.

Officials from Twitter were asked to appear on Wednesday (December 4), and Facebook was called on Thursday (December 5) December), sources said , "They want to know what social media companies do to stop harassment, trolling and stalking of women by women and children," the source said. "You want to know what action you take to prevent it."

  The parliamentary women's committee calls on Twitter and Facebook for online security concerns

Image: Reuters

Development is taking place at a time when social media companies around the world are spreading hate speech, abusive content and Trolling. India is also stepping up the mediation rules and bringing social media companies to account for content on the platforms.

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An Twitter and Facebook sent unsolicited emails until the time of publication. The story is updated when the companies respond.

In the meantime, LocalCircles, an independent community engagement and social media platform for constructive purposes, has written two letters (owned by tech2 ) to the highlight of the parliamentary committee, which is also under discussion could become. One of the letters states that LocalCircles has recorded hundreds of cases of abuse, sexual harassment, hate and trolling on social media in India over the past three years, many against women.

(Also read: TikTok apologizes for abolishing the account of teenagers containing viral videos about Uighurs in China. Made it mandatory for all accounts Trolling Nearly 50 percent of citizens believe that social media platforms should be held accountable even if a user participates in disseminating content that is abusive or hateful, with 78 percent of voters giving that platforms like Twitter and Facebook should be responsible for tackling accounts that deal with the persecution, abuse and harassment of other citizens.

] (Also Read: Google's and Facebook's business models pose a threat to human rights: Amnesty International Platforms It is said that LocalCirc has received many contributions and complaints from citizens worried about the safety of children on social media. It was said that during Facebook is the first app that people usually download; Apps such as Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram, Tik Tok, Bigo Live are becoming increasingly popular among children between the ages of 10 and 15, among others. I do not want children under the age of 15 to have access to social media. About 82 percent of voters want the government and schools to set and enforce a minimum age for children's access to social media, and an overwhelming 59 percent do not vote for children between the ages of 11 and 13 who have social media.

LocalCircles calls in writing for Parliament to raise the minimum age of a child to join social media to 15 years instead of the current 13 years. It is also recommended that social media platforms be subject to strict accountability and enforcement standards, with the obligation to have sound age verification mechanisms in place so that underage children can not register.

"Large numbers of citizens have raised concerns that children in India are getting too early access to social media in our LocalCircles communities," said Sachin Taparia, founder and chairman of LocalCircles. "According to some members, the addiction to some children has become so bad that they go through rehabilitation programs."

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