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PAX Online and EGX Digital start tomorrow

PAX Online and EGX Digital teamed up this month to bring you PAX X EGX, a joint show that we at RPS have affectionately referred to as “Pax Eggs”. From Saturday you can enjoy streams around the clock for nine days – from live Let’s Plays and competitive tournaments to developer panels and podcasts. We’ll be there doing some fun stuff, as will our corporate siblings from websites like Dicebreaker. Plus, all panels are free and there are demos too. So yeah come hang out!

The full schedule for the event can be found here. The sessions are spread across 11 different live streams and some are running at the same time. So it is probably a good idea to take a quick look at it now to help plan each one you want to catch.

It would be rude of me not to join the live edition of the Rock Paper Shotgun Electronic Wireless Show podcast right away. Alice B, Nate and Matthew will be discussing the topic of “living a normal life” because life really wasn’t very normal this year. I think it’s mostly an excuse for them to talk about The Sims, but more details on that can be found here.

For those of you looking to start a career in games, reporter Elle Osili-Wood is hosting an episode of the Getting Into Games podcast. This is all about mental health and games which is pretty important in a year like this. If you’re more into game developers than journalism, developers from studios like Niantic and Dambuster are also doing a panel on routes into this side of the industry.

Then when you want to get in on live gaming, our friends at Dicebreaker will play Romeo And / Or Juliet with the crowd, and the folks at Jackbox will reveal their latest party pack and get you involved.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of speed running so you will likely catch me in the UKSM corner. They will feature Crash Bandicoot, BioShock, a range of Resident Evil games, and more.

PAX Online X EGX Digital takes place from September 12th to 20th. There are absolutely tons of things to see and get into. So keep an eye on the PAX X EGX website and EGX Twitter to keep up to date.

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