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Peloton Wife returns in the commercial for Ryan Reynolds & # 39; Aviation

Tell your grandchildren about it in 50 years.

In the last few days, the Internet has begun processing all the Thanksgiving food by roaring over a deeply disturbing television spot for Peloton's luxury exercise bike. A new ad with the same actress appeared on Friday and became viral thanks to Ryan Reynolds.

In the commercial for Aviation Gin, actress Monica Ruiz stares at a dead-eyed bar for a few seconds before explaining this. The gin she drinks is "very lithe." Her two friends try to comfort her by telling her that she is "safe now" before they all bump into "new beginnings" and some martinis.

The Deadpool and Waiting … star is involved in Aviation Gin, in case you're wondering what he's dealing with. If the kick off at Peloton was not obvious enough, Reynolds posted the ad on Twitter with the heading "Exercise Bike Not Included." It is a clear argument in favor of criticizing Peloton's original ad, which many portrayed as a woman forced to use her expensive new toy in the midst of an unhealthy marriage.

We are glad to see that she seems better now. The bizarre original commercial produced more jokes than real outrage, but the actor, who played her husband for about three seconds, already came out and talked negative feedback on Psychology Today on Thursday.

The aviation advertisement is probably as far as the Mem can or should go, but since we know the world we live in, it may not stop there. Be prepared anyway.

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