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Philips could have some new outdoor Hue lights in the works

The Philips Hue light bulb was originally a humble light bulb for indoor lighting. Over the years, however, Philips has expanded the types of lamps available, in which we could see light strips in addition to some outdoor lighting options. If you are looking for more outdoor Hue lights, you may be lucky.

According to a HueBlog.de report, they came across some information that indicated that Philips could work on some new lights for outdoor Hue lighting options. We look at lights such as outdoor spotlights and wall lamps, which are available in different shapes and designs.

However, they all have one thing in common: they are Hue lights, which means that they are intelligent lamps that can be controlled with mobile devices and digital assistants. Since they are probably Hue lamps, they should also be compatible with Apple's HomeKit platform.

The prices for these new Hue lamps are not mentioned, and whether these lamps are the entire product range, provided that it is only a CES. In a few weeks, there is a high probability that Philips will then be official Share information with us. So keep an eye out for updates.

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