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Phones with EMUI 11 can be upgraded to Harmony OS

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  • Huawei has announced that EMUI 11 devices are eligible for an upgrade to Harmony OS.
  • There is still no word on specific devices that are being updated.

Huawei yesterday pulled the curtain back on Harmony OS 2.0, marking the second iteration of its own operating system. The company also said it intends to launch smartphones using the new platform in 2021


Now a Huawei representative has confirmed this Android Authority that you don’t necessarily have to buy a new smartphone to experience Harmony OS when it comes to mobile devices.

“Yes, devices running the new EMUI 11 with distributed technology can be upgraded to Harmony OS in the future,” the representative informed us via email.

It is unclear whether the upgrade to Harmony OS will be available for all devices with EMUI 11 or whether Huawei will only offer the upgrade for certain devices with the new Android skin. It’s also unclear whether this is a mandatory change or an optional upgrade. It’s a pretty interesting proposition nonetheless, and it could make a fascinating alternative platform for Google-free devices like the Mate 30 series and P40 series.

We haven’t seen Harmony OS 2.0 on a smartphone yet, so we’re not entirely sure what to expect. However, the company has previously promoted cross-device integration and data transfer, smarter speech recognition, and improved security.

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