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Pixel 5 to touch confirms the “audio zoom” function

Google’s Pixel 5 is still a couple of weeks away from its release, but some users have managed to get their hands on the phone a little earlier. In another unboxing and first-look video we get a further insight into Pixel 5 and its camera quality as well as the unveiling of a new “audio zoom” function.

YouTuber “TotallyDubbed” got his hands on a Pixel 5 device early on, and we get some new details about the device between a video and his Instagram account. Most interesting is what is revealed about the camera.

Pixel 5 appears to have Google Camera v7.6 installed, a step over v7.5 currently available on Pixels. This version has a tweaked interface that should feel familiar, but has a new trigger and darkens some of the other buttons on the user interface. However, the camera settings are almost identical.

Beyond the design, v7.6 also adds “audio zoom” to the Pixel 5. This is a feature we̵

7;ve seen a few times but never made it into production. However, it is clear that things finally worked out. Unfortunately, there isn’t a test for this feature in action so we’ll have to wait a while to see how it compares to the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra or other phones that have added this feature.

We can also see that the Pixel 5’s ultrawide is enlarged 0.6 times and 7 times.

In a video TotallyDubbed unpacks the phone to show us the same accessories that another unboxing showed us yesterday. He also goes into benchmarks and a hardware tour, but one of the things that caught our interest is another set of camera examples. Compared to the Galaxy S10 +, the Pixel shows off its usual high-contrast, natural look that is still better to the touch than Samsung’s overly saturated colors. However, HDR seems to be somewhat disliked when compared to previous Pixels. Could it just be how the show was received, pre-release software, or maybe the lack of the Neural Core hurts after all?

A video comparison also shows much less shaky videos that look pretty good even on 4k60. The selfie camera test also shows slightly improved microphone performance.

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