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Pixelbook Go: 4 things we know and 1 big feature we still miss

  The Google Pixelbook Go Not Pink Prototype

9to5Google has recently released images of the seemingly final prototype of Google's new Pixelbook Go, the "Made by Google" event on October 1

5 in New York City. The leaks gave us a pretty comprehensive look into the new device, but it still lacks a big feature.

We already know the following.

The Grippy, Textured and Thick Edges

  Pixelbook Go Not Pink Prototype

According to the report, the lower part of the Pixelbook Go case has a "grippy, ribbed" texture that looks "like a washboard feels ". This texture is complemented by a coral-like color, the "Not Pink" design offered with Pixel 3.

Meanwhile, the top has a smooth, matte finish with a lighter "Not Pink" hue. Based on the pictures and the description, the color of the lid is not quite as pronounced. The sound changes depending on the lighting and camera angle. A "Just Black" version will also be available.

Unfortunately, according to the prototype, there is a rather chunky bezel above the screen containing the 2 megapixel camera and two far-field microphones for Google Assistant.

Clamshell, not 2-in-1

  pixelbook go what you expect clamshell

Unlike Google Pixelbook, the upcoming Pixelbook Go will not have a convertible design. Convertibles usually have four modes – laptop, stand, tent and tablet – for versatile computing capabilities. The Pixelbook Go is likely to have a traditional clamshell design, and the latest report does not indicate that.

This is a departure from the 2-in-1 devices and tablets Google has made in the past. The Pixel Slate was announced last year at a similar event, although six months after the launch all further work was stopped on the device.

With the lid closed, the PixelBook Go presents a well-known MacBook-style design. On each side of the keyboard is a forward facing speaker. The Assistant key is located in the lower left corner of the keyboard while the Home key replaces the typical Caps Lock key. Chromebook keys are located in the top line of the keyboard.

Up to a 4K Screen

  Pixelbook Screen

The prototype described in the report features a full-resolution 13.3-inch touchscreen. The Google Pixelbook has a smaller 12.3-inch screen, but a higher resolution of 2,400 x 1,600. It's also 16: 9, unlike the 3: 2 screens we've seen on other Google laptops and tablets.

One potential big selling point for the Pixelbook Go, however, is the reported 4K molecular display. It's an upgrade Compared to other "Made by Google" Chromebooks, Stadia games can be streamed at 4K and 60 frames per second.


According to the leaks, the Pixelbook Go has a number of processor options in Intel's 8th Generation Core line. At the base, it starts with the Core i3 and extends to a Core i7. The report does not specify whether it's a quad-core U-Series processor or a fanless Y-Series, but Google chose the Y-Series in its earlier Chrome OS laptops.

You can choose between 8GB and 16GB of RAM, while the storage options range from 64GB to 256GB.

8th Generation processors will undoubtedly make the Pixelbook incredibly fast thanks to the efficiency of Chrome OS. However, it's a bit strange that Google skips the option for 10th generation processors when Intel offers a sizeable array of options. Ice Lake Y-Series processors would have been a great option that would have provided some improved graphics and quad-core processors.

What's missing? The Price

The price of the Pixelbook Go is currently unknown. The term "Go" seems to indicate that it could be a budget system, although the hardware and design of the device look quite high-quality. If the price-performance ratio is in line with Pixel 3a, we are happy about campers.

The Pixelbook has been the standard Chrome OS device since its launch in 2017, but the starting price of $ 999 has been a stumbling block for many. Chromebooks have always been considered a cheap alternative to Windows, and the high price of the Pixel Slate was a major issue, especially when compared to the affordable iPad.

We will probably find out the price at tomorrow's event with availability.

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