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Pocket Casts is changing subscription plans after the user backlash

Pocket Casts is changing its recently announced subscription plans after countermeasures were taken by users who were angry about losing access to apps they had previously paid for.

The company now provides lifetime free access to Pocket Casts Plus, its premium subscription service, to anyone who has paid before making price changes to the service's web or desktop apps. Previously, these apps were available for purchase and use for a one-time fee of $ 9. However, a paid subscription of $ 0.99 per month or $ 10 per year is required for use.

Prior to Tuesday, Pocket Casts proudly announced that the subscription is not valid offer. "No monthly subscriptions or freemium hoo-ha," was one of the advertising messages, "We ask for $ 9. Just once." However, it seems that the reality of running a running cloud-based service is the company

When the changes were first announced Pocket Casts had provided users with premium subscription service for three years, if they paid for these apps under the old buy model, but users were upset that their lifelong access was changed to a three-year subscription overnight. "Yup, what I took for my lifelong pocketcast web purchase, has become Turned into a three-year lease, which is exactly what I wanted, "reads a much-noticed Reddit commentary.

In his blog post, Pocket Casts CEO Owen Grover states that Company is trying to make this change "as soon as we can". When I checked my own Windows 1

0 Pocket Casts app, the change seems to have already taken effect. My own account now has a lifetime membership in Premium Service.

Aside from the changes in accessing the web and desktop apps, Grover does not mention rollbacks for other initiatives, including creating mobile apps Completely free, and with 10GB of cloud storage, you can use the premium service to create your own audio and upload video content.

It may not be hoo-ha, but Pocket Casts is definitely a freemium service now.

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