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Pocket casts just have an Alexa ability so you can listen at home

Listening to podcasts has a variety of setting options – Spotify, Apple Music, a podcast website. One of the most popular and best podcast apps is Pocket Casts, which supports more platforms than many of its competitors and offers more features to launch. Pocket Casts now also has an Alexa ability that makes listening at home easier.

To get started, add Pocket Casts capability to your Alexa app and connect your Pocket Casts account to Amazon by signing in. Alexa, open pocket casts. "If you're just starting with pocket casts, Alexa will find you have nothing in the queue and no subscriptions. Therefore, you must update your Pocket Casts account to subscriptions for your favorite podcasts. Unfortunately, there is no way to search Podcasts through the Alexa skill.

To make sure you're not missing, you can start the commands by saying "Alexa, tell you Pocket Casts. "Commands that do not contain pocket casts can still work. You can say things like "Alexa, play the last episode" of a particular podcast, and Alexa will play the right sound quality.

When starting a new podcast, Alexa plays the latest episode. This can be a real headache if you pick up a narrative podcast like Serial where listening to episodes destroys the sequel of surprise and can only be confusing.

Keep your pocket casts up-to-date with what you want to hear, and let it queue up in your Up Next. Then you can ask Alexa to resume the last podcast you last listened to, whether this is the first episode of The Vergecast or NPR's Code Switch .

A key benefit of enabling This ability is that you can play podcasts on mobile devices while podcasts continue to play on your Alexa-enabled device. This could be a way to share pocket casts in the home. The app costs $ 3.99 for iOS or Android and supports AirPlay, Chromecast and Apple Watch.

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