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Podcast Analytics Launch and Attribution Chartable Raises $ 2.25M – TechCrunch

Chartable, a startup known for its authoritative podcast download charts, announces that it has raised $ 2.25 million in seed capital.

Founders Dave Zohrob and Harish Agarwal previously worked together on AngelList and created Hacker Daily, a podcast that rounds up the headlines from Hacker News. Zohrob (who is also the startup’s CEO) told me that their experience hosting a podcast convinced the couple to create an analytics product like Chartable.

“Podcasting is a strange market,” he said. “One day our downloads went from 4,000 a day to 5,000 a day. Why is that happend? We had no idea. “

That’s why they created Chartable to give publishers and advertisers the insights they need to understand their audience and their business.

This means creating industry-wide charts, but also helping publishers aggregate their listening data across different podcast apps and adding products like SmartAds (to measure the effectiveness of podcasting advertising) and SmartLinks (to measure the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns in the Promoting podcast downloads to track). and SmartPromos (an attribution product for cross-podcast advertising campaigns).

Founded in 201

8, Chartable claims to track 1 billion podcast downloads and ad impressions every month, compared to 100 million downloads a year ago. While the startup offers a free version for independent podcasters, Zohrob found that it currently works with eight of the ten largest podcast publishers worldwide.

Chartable founders Harish Agarwal and Dave Zohrob

Chartable founders Harish Agarwal and Dave Zohrob

He argued that history repeats itself in some ways, and that Chartable does a similar job for podcasts as analytics companies like App Annie do for the App Store. At the same time, he suggested that podcasting was an entirely different market.

“It’s more fragmented, it’s not just Apple and Android, and there are a billion different business models,” Zohrob said. “There’s a lot more complexity.”

On the question of whether upcoming changes to data protection in iOS could affect Chartable’s mapping tools, Zohrob said it shouldn’t make a “big difference” because the data for podcast mapping is already so limited.

“Ultimately, what happens to the rest of digital advertising is that it looks like podcast advertising, which is kind of funny,” he said. “Maybe they meet somewhere in the middle.”

The financing was led by Initialized Capital, who also contributed to Chartable’s $ 1.5 million round last year. Other investors are Naval Ravikant, Greycroft Partners, The Fund, Weekend Fund, Jim Young and Lukas Biewald.

“Chartable is the authority on podcast analysis and attribution,” initialed co-founder Alexis Ohanian said in a statement. (He led the Chartable investment before leaving Initialized.) “We couldn’t be happier to support them as they develop the tools brands and publishers need to advance the podcast industry.”

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