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Poll: People Want to Use Smart TVs for More Than Just Media Watching

Smart TVs are great. They make (in most cases) a remote control superfluous, a fact that appeals to anyone who tends to lose their remote control between the cushions of the couch. However, the way smart TVs integrate into your home could be improved. They are usually standalone devices. While intelligent assistants can control the house, tell the weather, and order pizza, most smart TVs are for media consumption only. A YouGov survey shows that many people want this to change, and want their smart TV devices to be more integrated with the rest of the smart home than on their own island.

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According to the survey, 79% of respondents were interested in controlling their homes via their TVs, such as switching lights or lights to display a surveillance camera on the screen. This explains the idea that TVs are not just for TV anymore. People use it for a variety of functions, such as streaming music, cooking recipes, and most importantly, playing. In a variety of other devices, 48% said smart TV was the main way to consume media. The survey also found that 38% of respondents still used a traditional TV. Interestingly, a smart TV does not necessarily streamline the process of finding something to look at. People took an average of four minutes to search for content, if they knew what they were looking for, or eleven minutes on average, if they did not.

There are several reasons for this, but one of the most important is the often slow interfaces of smart TVs. Direct transmission from a mobile device or computer is faster, but the fastest way to find content is voice control. 61% of the respondents said they prefer to search for media with their voice rather than a physical interface.

And with all this comes the growing struggle to find all the content you want to see on a single service. Popular shows have already been split between the "Big Three" (Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video), but with the imminent arrival of Disney + and a number of smaller streaming services, 40% of people are frustrated that multiple services are required are to access all the content they want to see.

With a bit of luck, this survey will impact the next generation of smart TVs and lead to better integration with the Internet of Things. One thing is clear: smart TVs have the potential to be used much more than before.

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