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Porsche introduces search platform for its US used car inventory TechCrunch

Porsche Cars North America has launched a new online platform called Porsche Finder that customers can use to search for used vehicles in their dealer network. This is the automaker’s latest move to create an online marketplace.

The new platform, which was developed by the car manufacturer’s Porsche Digital subsidiary and PCNA, enables customers to search for the vehicle model and generation and contains additional filters for price, features and packages, as well as vehicle colors indoors and outdoors.

At the moment, customers can only search for used and certified used vehicles with the new Porsche Finder tool. As soon as users find that the 91

1 GT2 RS, the Panamera Turbo Sport Turismo, the Macan Crossover or the all-electric Taycan they are looking for, turn to the respective Porsche dealer.

Porsche Cars North America has a bigger goal than just creating a nationwide search function. Porsche Finder is part of a broader strategy to create a one-stop online shop in which customers can complete the entire process of finding, buying, and financing a vehicle, says PCNA boss Klaus Zellmer said in a recent interview.

“We want a seamless e-commerce ecosystem for everything Porsche has to offer – that’s the long-term vision,” said Zellmer, adding that this will ultimately include the opportunity for customers to trade their vehicle, the financing To complete insurance and the final web signature.

The company has already made progress. In October, Porsche began selling new and used vehicles online in the United States as part of a pilot program that initially involved 26 of the country’s 192 dealers. Since the COVID 19 pandemic, traders have taken the chance to be admitted. According to Zellmer, a third of Porsche dealers in the United States will be part of the digital pilot program by June.

For Tesla owners who only do direct online sales and don’t have a dealer network, the prospect of creating a digital marketplace for buying a vehicle seems obvious and even strange. For Porsche customers, however, it is a long-term part of the buying experience to visit a showroom and get behind the wheel of a 911 or Cayenne.

Porsche Digital worked on this search platform before COVID-19 conquered the world, turned industries upside down, and changed the way consumers shop. The pandemic has confirmed Porsche’s move towards e-commerce, said Zellmer.

“It only underlines how important this digital alignment is for our business,” said Zellmer. “Although we are proud to be a brand that focuses on the visceral experience, we also have to respect the wishes of our customers who are looking for a Porsche – and choose from all the variety in the US – from their iPad . “

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