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Pre-order instructions for PlayStation 5 | Shacknews

Find out where to pre-order a PlayStation 5 so you can be ready for launch in November.

PlayStation 5 pre-orders are now available. The time has finally come. For those who have been waiting for this moment, hop on as soon as possible and secure your pre-order. The staggered version means some will have to wait a little longer, but for those in North America, you can get your PS5 on November 1

2 if you pre-order.

Pre-order instructions for PlayStation 5

As you might guess, the usual suspects are happy to take your PlayStation 5 pre-order. Retailers like Amazon, GameStop, Target, BestBuy, and Walmart should be your first port of call when it comes to securing a PS5. Be aware, however, that the supply seems extremely limited.

Playstation 5 pre-order instructions


Amazon is usually great when it comes to ordering a console. Although pre-orders for PlayStation 5 went online elsewhere, it seems like Amazon hasn’t opened the floodgates yet. The best way to get a device is to keep it locked to the PlayStation 5 Amazon page when orders are open.


Target appeared to be a winner for some North American consumers hoping to buy a PS5 on launch day. The ubiquitous Geoff Keighley managed to snap his through popular chain. It remains to be seen whether there is any stock when you buy – good luck!


BestBuy might be your best option. The store still has working PS5 pre-order links at the time of writing. Whether this will result in one being added to your shopping cart remains to be seen. Prices are consistently standard, although BestBuy would like to offer an 18-month financing option for the large and a 12-month option for the digital version.


GameStop seems to have already filled the pre-order quota. Hopefully more will open up in the coming weeks.


Walmart seems to be struggling. The online store doesn’t even have links to each of the PlayStation 5 devices at the time of writing. If you’re looking to shop at Walmart, it might be a good idea to keep the PlayStation 5 page up to date.

Getting a pre-order for the PlayStation 5 will be a challenge. With potentially millions of people searching for one around the world, you’ll want to keep your eyes on your preferred retailer.

There will likely be different waves of releases. So if you miss the first delivery, make sure you’re ready for the next. We’ll keep you posted to see if more units are available and where to pre-order a PlayStation 5 for the November 12th release date.

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