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Prices, tech specs, release date, pictures, and everything else we know

Google just announced that we can look forward to a Pixel event on September 30th. After the resounding success of the Pixel 4a, expectations for the flagship follow-up are high. The pace of leaks has increased too, and while some details are still unknown and there is some disagreement over the specifics, we probably know most of what to expect from Google̵

7;s upcoming Pixel 5.

What will it look like?

Both real photos and renders of the upcoming Pixel 5 have been leaked, showing the phone from almost all angles. Note that the photos are for a “Pixel 5s”, but based on what we now know, that name corresponds to the Pixel 5 (or at least some version of the Pixel 5).

Images of the phone alongside the larger Pixel 4a 5G have also been leaked:

The pace of leaks has increased since Google officially released the phone along with the 4a 5G. Previously, @ xleaks7 posted a handful of renders based on leaked CADs (via Pigtou) that showed what we considered a plausible design, and recent leaks have confirmed this.

The industrial design is instantly recognizable as pixels if you’ve seen Pixel 4, Pixel 4a, or leaked renderings of Pixel 4a in the past year Pixel 4a XL Pixel 4a 5G. The physical configuration for the rear cameras appears to be largely unchanged from the Pixel 4, although the flash moved up and the cameras moved themselves could be optimized – more on that later.

Google also appears to be ditching the Pixel 4’s fancy face-unlock technology and is returning to the tried and tested, popular capacitive fingerprint sensor on the back. The large, almost frameless screen also means there likely aren’t any Soli Motion gestures. However, we get one of those chic, modern pinhole cameras like the Pixel 4a. Unlike the Pixel 4a, the Pixel 5 can also achieve perfect aperture symmetry, including the bottom. (It’s a small dot, but I live for those kind of small touches.) And while we originally thought the Pixel 5 would have a textured or coated (presumably metallic) body, a more recent leak suggests it might has a plastic back We’re not sure what materials to expect now.

One phone or two?

Only one. While earlier this spring we thought “brambles” might be a Pixel 5 XL, recent developments suggest it might be the Pixel 4a 5G. (The pixel lineup is weird now.) Based on the specs, you could Think of the Pixel 4a 5G as a larger yet scaled-down version of the Pixel 5, as they have some internals in common. But Google puts the name on a different lineup, and the Pixel 5 stands alone.

There can be one exception: the phone Power There are two versions with and without mmWave support, and it is possible that the “Pixel 5s” leak might be a slightly different name for these two versions, but that should be the only difference. There probably won’t be a bigger or smaller size like last year.

What are the specs?

We’ve had quite a few waves of leaks when it comes to technical specifications. Some details like the chipset are known with almost absolute certainty. Other details like the exact battery size, screen dimensions, and refresh rate are a little less certain – although we trust the provenance of these newer details, they lack the repeated confirmation that other specifications have. In short, take some of what is below with a grain of salt; it could change:

We know there will be a Snapdragon 765G chipset – just like the current OnePlus Nord, Moto Edge and Vivo X50 Pro. While that means it may not offer “flagship” performance like several thousand dollar phones with the Snapdragon 865, we’re not worried.

Leaks related to the Pixel 5’s screen tend to mismatch. Some claimed we were getting a 90 Hz panel, others 120 Hz. Based on sources, I’m more confident in the 90Hz claim, but we ended up able to see both, and resolution is still a question.

Based on some information unearthed in Android 11, the Pixel 5 probably Reverse wireless charging for charging other devices. I’m also assuming the primary camera configuration will be similar (if not identical) to last year’s Pixel 4, but so far it seems like Google is swapping out the telephoto lens for a wide-angle image.

Assuming the battery is leaking 4,000 mAh, Google is significantly increasing the longevity of its flagship phones. Last year’s Pixel 4 phones had moderate to poor battery life, so this will be an estimated change if this is the case. The same goes for storage. Multiple sources are now confirming that 128GB will likely be the “base” size like the Pixel 4a – although we’re not sure if other larger sizes are offered.

The Pixel 5 also marks a return of the capacitive fingerprint sensor that brings us to …

What features will it lose from the Pixel 4?

Due to leaks, we are confident that the Pixel 5 will technically “lose” some functions compared to the Pixel 4. With the new edge-to-edge screen design, there is no real space left in the frame. That means a sleeker design, but it also means that we’re almost certain to lose both Solis Motion Sense gestures and face unlock – all of these sensors take up a lot of space and therefore the Pixel 4’s petite forehead Embed screen and hide that fact at the same time (which is pretty unlikely) for now, you can probably count them out.

There is simply no room for all of these sensors.

We’re also sure there won’t be an “XL” version of the Pixel 5. Although the Pixel 4a 5G fits into the bill as an XL variant for some and has similar specifications, Google has moved it to a different version series.

Will it have 5G?

Yes. The Snapdragon 765G chipset supports 5G and the FCC files for the phone display 5G frequencies. However, some models at the FCC don’t have 5G mmWave Support, and there may be slightly different versions of the phone with and without this technology (although they can only be carrier or regional variants, we’re not sure).

In a nutshell, this means the Pixel 5 should support 5G networks – if that’s your interest. We are not.

How much will it cost?

The prizes have not been leaked. However, in a recent poll probably attributed to Google, respondents were asked to compare a $ 349 Google Pixel Phone to a $ 699 Premium Google Pixel Phone. While there is no way to be sure that this is a real survey from Google, as Google is moving to a cheaper chipset and has complained frequently about flagship pixel prices in recent years. A price of $ 700 seems plausible – or at least possible.

When will it come out?

Announcement on September 30th.

Google has announced that the next hardware event will be on September 30th (and you can anticipate our live coverage then). At the event, the company promises we’ll learn more about “new Pixel phones” that are making the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G virtually nameless. So expect the phones to be announced then.

Google previously posted a different date on its French blog, stating that pre-orders would open on October 8th. In the past, you could pre-order Pixels at the time of their announcement. Either Google is changing how pre-orders are handled, not all regions get them at the same time, or the timeline has changed since that leak. This has been a year of delays for Google so the data could easily be moved.

Also note that Google determined beforehand that the Pixel 5 is not coming to India or Singapore at all.

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