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Prison Architect starts expanding Island Bound on June 11th

Paradox Interactive and Double Eleven announced today that Island Bound, a new expansion for Prison Architect, will be released on June 11th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

Prison Architect was launched in 2015 and the indie game has managed to attract over 4 million players. The prison simulation game is available for consoles, mobile devices and PCs. Introversion Software was the original developer of Prison Architect, and Paradox Interactive acquired the rights to the title in 2019, causing Double Eleven to develop content like this extension. These extensions keep the game going and give players a reason to return to the title. Paradox likes to update its games long after launch, and this is an essential aspect of its business.

As the name suggests, Island Bound offers you new cosmetic options for your prison to give it a nautical feel. You can also add ferry and helicopter transportation hubs to your prison to bring in supplies and prisoners. However, these could become escape routes.

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7;ve ever dreamed of creating your own Alcatraz (which seems strange to dream, but I think I shouldn’t judge it), mark June 11th on your calendar.

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