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Project Power meets Netflix – CNET

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Yes, these lights may use a lot of electricity, but Project Power is about a different type of electricity.

Skip Bolen / Netflix

Welcome back to your guide to find out what’s new online. Every week we put together a podcast to let you know what has been added to services and how Netflix, Hulu and HBO max. The sound is about a minute or two long.

The plot of Project Power revolves around pills that give super powers to their users. The catch? The effects of the pills are unpredictable and the powers only last 5 minutes. It sounds like a solid premise.

Since you are reading this, we are going to give you some additional information not included in the podcast: Netflix has a new season of 3%. This is the dystopian thriller where only 3% of the candidates make it to the better side of the world. Sounds like a real feel-good show.

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Look at that:

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