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Pros and Cons of online anonymity

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As any coin has two sides, online anonymity has both advantages and disadvantages. Many people make use of anonymity to bring in fruitful results, whereas others take the shade of invisibility to commit crimes and illegal things. So, what effect does online anonymity has in a broader perspective? One cannot answer it quickly as both positive and negative is associated with it. One often confronts the question, are anonymous blogs safe? Are anonymous blogs harmful? In this article, the advantages and disadvantages of anonymous blogs are discussed in detail.


Firstly, the positive side of the online anonymity shall be discussed, whereas, in the latter part, the drawbacks are defined. The overall opinion of whether it is good or bad for you lies on your priority. Based on what is important to you, the answer to the question varies. Read on to get more in-depth insight and arrive at a conclusion.

Pros of online anonymity

  1. Freedom of speech

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There is always the scope to express your viewpoints, whichever be the topic and whatever be the domain they are addressing. It is no wonder that people have controversial opinions on many aspects. They might want to express it to the world out there. But then, the fear of getting bullied restricts them from publicizing this. The consequence is that they have to live up helplessly with their mouths shut, unable even to share their opinions. Though it is illegal to restrict somebody the freedom f speech and expression in most countries, the fear of getting harassed personally results in the ill-execution of the law illegally.

It is when people appreciate each other’s similarities and respect each other’s differences can peace prevail in the world. However, many fail to keep up with this. They are ready to harass the person with varying opinions up to a dangerous extent. This is why most people keep their opinions and views to themselves, though it is tough for them. It is a golden privilege to let the world know their views that online anonymity provides—those who are dying hard to express themselves find it a golden opportunity.


  1. Less judgment

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By taking the privilege of anonymity, you can even comment on the most controversial and sensitive issues without bearing the fear of being judged. Telling the views on controversial subjects is not something that people consider safe doing. Hence, even if they want to express their opinions, they fear people’s judgment.

You can comment on anything under the sun, without getting your personal daily life getting affected in it. Indeed, you will be flooded with hatred comments in social media, but whether getting concerned with it your choice as you can walk away anytime from these platforms without even leaving the slightest mark.

  1. Whistleblowers can pour out their heart, fearlessly.

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It has now become common where people start anonymous accounts to bring out the wrongdoings or injustices in their workplaces or communities. If they would have pointed it otherwise, there are higher risks associated as they might face up with a suspension or even dismissal. In other cases, they will be discriminated in their workplace or will be targeted by the people who they have exposed.


Cons of online anonymity

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  1. Online abuse

You might be aware of the abuse spread by anonymous accounts in the online media. The belief that they remain invisible makes them use harsh words and to be rude to others. Those words that would never even in the dreams pop out from their mouth when they confront the other person will come up when they are given the privilege of anonymity. They feel empowered and feel like they have the full license to talk about whatever they want and do whatever they wish. This results in extensive online abuse.

  1. To Lie is easier

By being anonymous, you are not accountable to anyone and anything. You are free to behave whatever way you want, and the sense of these activities is highly dependant on the virtues these people hold in real life. The result of acquiring the license to act freely is the misuse of the privilege. Not everyone lives up with good virtues, and many go on posting whatever comes their way without checking its credibility. This implies that lies tend to spread fast.

  1. Fewer repercussions

Taking legal actions and subsequent punishments for wrongdoings by being anonymous is not as strong and strict as the pace it can progress if the identity is revealed. There are many instances where serious crimes were committed in the shade of anonymity yet could not be punished the way they deserved.

  1. Lack of trustworthiness of the information published

As mentioned before, lies are likely to propagate at a faster pace. The result is that one cannot rely on the information published on anonymous sites. Though there might be a million facts and reliable information, there are a million others that cannot be trusted. The result is that one misses out on even the right and valuable information that exist in these places.

Concluding note

Now, you must be aware of the after-effects of being anonymous, be it positive or negative. If you feel like being anonymous can help you in any way, there are several anonymous blog sites.