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PS5 and Xbox Series X are great consoles, but new renderers put dimensions in perspective

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Yesterday we came across more pictures of Sony’s next-gen PlayStation 5 console, specially designed to qualify at the FCC and Taiwan’s NCC – and frankly, it’s more than a little bit piggy. Insults were directed at the Xbox Series X when it was exposed with a fist, and people pointed to its towering monolithic design. But the PlayStation 5 and its PlayStation 5 Digital Edition sibling are taking things to a whole new level and even dwarfing Microsoft’s next Xbox.

While yesterday we presented pictures and dimensions of two PlayStation 5 consoles, those two aspects of the consoles don̵

7;t tell the full story of how big they are. However, new renders created by 3D modeler @keisawada show how all four next-generation consoles hold up against their predecessors and the Nintendo Switch. Needless to say, the renders are pretty eye-opening.

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The Xbox Series X definitely still looks clunky, especially when compared to the Xbox Series S and even the PlayStation 4 Pro, but seeing the console next to the PlayStation 5 is unsettling. The PlayStation 5 is slightly narrower than the Xbox Series S, but it towers above its immediate competition. And when the PlayStation 5 is laid on its side, it takes up a lot of space.

If you are already short of space in your entertainment center or TV stand, the PlayStation 5 may not be a good option for you. The PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, which lacks a Blu-ray drive, is only slightly narrower and just as big. So don’t expect any relief.

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The really amusing part of all of this is how all of the next generation consoles dwarf the Nintendo Switch. It’s not exactly a fair comparison, considering that the Nintendo Switch is a current generation console and has performance comparable to that of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. But it’s still pretty weird to see how dainty it appears.

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PlayStation 5 pre-orders started a day ahead of schedule last Wednesday and immediately turned into a disaster as the initial inventory ran out within minutes. Sony apologized for the fiasco and promised that more pre-orders will be available in the coming days and the console series will officially launch on November 12thth.

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For the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, pre-orders for both consoles will open on Tuesday, September 22ndnd, with an official launch on November 10thth.

(Pictures, photo credit: @keisawada via Twitter)

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