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PS5 Demon’s Souls Misses 4K 60FPS Next Gen Benchmark, Digital Foundry Reports

According to a recent analysis by Digital Foundry, Demon’s Souls on PS5 could miss a critical 4K 60FPS benchmark despite spectacular performance.


7;s hard to imagine a more impressive launch title than Bluepoint’s Demon souls Remake slated to be released on PS5 launch day. However, despite the impressive vertical portion of the gameplay from the PlayStation showcase, one important question remains: will it pass the next generation standards? According to a recent analysis by Digital Foundry, the game will run at 1440p 60FPS – without an integrated 4K 60FPS benchmark.

As previously mentioned, the breakdown comes straight from the experts at Digital Foundry who provide a full breakdown of the Demon souls Recreate footage. The video walks you through the entrances and exits – from ray tracing to frame drops (there weren’t any) to fidelity compared to the original PS3 version:

While the overall impressions for the remake were consistently positive, they took note of the fact that the game only hits 1440p 60FPS. Digital Foundry notes that this is likely a demonstration of the performance mode, and also believes there is likely to be a “visual mode” at 4K 30FPS that allows for better fidelity in the event of a performance hit.

It is worth noting that anything with a grain of salt should be taken before release. While Digital Foundry’s breakdowns are industry-leading, they note that there may be last minute changes to the PS5 firmware, software, or bugs in the final version that could affect the game either way. With the 1440p 60FPS performance mode in mind, the obvious question is whether the hardware is showing enough of a step to be considered a true next generation.

Last year, PlayStation executives issued statements reiterating their desire to make clean cuts between generations when it comes to software and hardware. While we now know that they are more likely to adopt Xbox’s strategy of promoting cross-generational releases (likely thanks to the success of the PS4), the lack of 4K 60FPS in any performance mode raises questions about whether the hardware will stay competitive compared to the versions For a hardware generation, of course.

Definitely, Demon souls will be released exclusively for PS5 on November 12, 2020. If you didn’t pre-order the game, you can download the title from Amazon to support DualShockers.

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