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PS5 games are definitely more expensive than PS4 games

At least from a first-party perspective, PS5 games will be more expensive than PS4.

We took our first look at the first-party PS5 grid today and it’s definitely beefier than expected, but it also confirmed that first-party PS5 games are getting more expensive.

Games like Demon’s Souls and Destruction AllStars have an MSRP of $ 124.95 in Australia. Miles Morales will have an MSRP of $ 94.95 (which seems like a lot given that it is a shorter title), while Sackboy: A Big Adventure will be at $ 109.95 ( a game that would likely have been between $ 60 and $ 80 when released on PS4).

So far, Amazon has already cut the price of Demon’s Souls to $ 119, Destruction All Stars to $ 1

19, and Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales to $ 79. Australia is much cheaper than other regions so I doubt we’ll be paying these prices too often.

Ultimately, games are the most expensive right now than ever, and games have definitely cost more in the past. So it’s an understandable move, but it’ll definitely give games like Destruction AllStars and Sackboy: A Big Adventure a bigger barrier to entry (outside of a $ 749 console purchase). It’s worth noting that Sony today announced the PlayStation Plus Collection, which will allow PlayStation Plus subscribers to bring 17 PS4 games to PS5 for free. So it’s not all bad news.


  1. Demon souls– AUD 124.95 (RRP)
  2. Destruction of AllStars – AUD 124.95 (RRP)
  3. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales– AUD 94.95 (RRP)
  4. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate edition) – AUD 124.95 (RRP)
  5. Sackboy A great adventure – AUD 109.95 (RRP)

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