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PS5 Pre-Order – This is where you can secure your PlayStation 5

By James Pickard on Thursday, September 17, 2020 at 12:15 a.m. GMT

After the latest PlayStation 5 showcase was completed, retailers went live with their PS5 pre-order pages so you can already secure your next-gen console.

The release of the PS5 is not scheduled until November 12th in the US and November 19th in the UK / Europe. However, here is your chance to grab one from day one of release. If you place a PS5 pre-order now, it will cost $ 499.99 / EUR 449.99 / EUR 499.99. Get the PS5 console and a PS5 DualSense controller for your buck. You can also purchase the PS5 Digital Edition for $ 399.99 / EUR 359.99 / EUR 399.99. There are currently no bundles available.

As we discover more retailers offering a PS5 pre-order, we will definitely add them to the list below. We̵

7;re not expecting them, but PS5 bundles will also be included here. Although, at this early stage, you probably won’t get the console until now.

PS5 pre-order:

PS5 Console ($ 499.99 / £ 449.99 / EUR 499.99):

PS5 Digital Edition ($ 399.99 / £ 359.99 / EUR 399.99):

Do a number of recently confirmed games encourage pre-order for PS5 from you? At today’s unveiling event, we saw Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Demon’s Souls would be launch titles. It was nice to see Final Fantasy 16 too, which was confirmed as well. Not ready to buy the console yet? Many will also be released on PS4, with the option to upgrade to the PS5 version later. This includes Horizon Forbidden West! In addition, the “vast majority” of PS4 games on the PS5 are backwards compatible.

Still undecided? We have more PS5 information for you. Our look at the PS5 specs can help you see exactly what you are getting for your money. There’s also a detailed breakdown of the load of other PS5 information, including its release date, confirmed games, and more.

Has Sony done enough to convince you to place a PS5 pre-order?

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