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PS5 Showcase officially confirmed September 16th, price release likely

PlayStation is announcing a new PS5 showcase stream for next week that will announce the price and launch date for the upcoming console.

There will be another one PlayStation 5 Present one next week that could finally reveal the console̵

7;s elusive price and release date. Sony’s next-generation system has built a steady hype since its official release in June, although console competitor Microsoft is stepping up its own efforts to promote the dual-hardware variants of the upcoming Xbox series.

One area where Microsoft is currently taking the lead at Sony is that both the price and launch date of the next-gen Xbox are already public knowledge. On the other hand, Sony has kept such details as closely guarded secrets for the PS5, despite many leaks and speculation from various retail websites that they may have been divulged in the past few months. There’s still no official word on the PS5’s price and launch date, however, but it seems that PlayStation will finally lift the veil of secrecy during its final livestream event.

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PlayStation’s official Twitter account today released a teaser announcement for a new PlayStation 5 showcase that will be streamed on September 16 at 1:00 p.m. PT / 4:00 p.m. ET. A follow-up article on the PlayStation Blog discusses this upcoming event and reveals that it will record approximately 40 minutes of footage and will feature a variety of different development studios and exclusive PS5 titles. It is assumed that the starting price and release of the console will also be announced during the presentation.

Fans already know what accessories will come with the PS5 when they come is finally on the shelves this holiday season thanks to a recent leak in the system’s box contents. Additionally, the system could come to North America much sooner than the rest of the world – provided players can grab one. Initial PS5 inventory will likely be limited at launch, either due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic crippling production or due to efforts to prevent online scalpers from buying the system in bulk and getting it on quickly to sell desperate players at a higher price.

With the 2020 holiday season only months away, it would surely be in Sony’s best interest to announce the PlayStation 5’s price and release date soon, especially since Microsoft recently made headlines with its scaled-down, budget-friendly Xbox Series S earlier this one Week. That said, Sony has always impressed at its PlayStation 5 livestream events in the past, so fans are likely to look forward to finally knowing when the system is coming out this Wednesday.

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The PlayStation 5 will be available in Holiday 2020.

Source: PlayStation, PlayStation.blog

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