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PUBG ban: Besides India, 5 other countries have banned PUBG. Why? InsideSport

Why is the world suddenly blocking the doors for PUBG? The super success story of the world of esports and mobile gaming has suddenly taken a throne in the eyes of many countries.

The PUBG promoters recently announced that it was reaching more than 40 million active users per day. However, the world’s most popular mobile game has been banned not only in India but in many other countries.

China, Jordan, Nepal, Israel, Iraq and India has banned PUBG within its borders. In many other countries, eyebrows are being raised against PUBG and preparations are being made to ban PUBG there too.

PUBG Ban: Why did the world start opposing PUBG?

According to the experts who are following the trend, the main reason authorities around the world oppose PUBG is threefold ̵


1) PUBG is too addicting. This leads to the younger generation spending too much time on their screens, and students neglecting their careers, studying and developing mental and physical disorders. It disrupts players’ sleep patterns and their physical and mental health.

2) According to some experts, PUBG manufacturers acted irresponsibly. Today even Apple, Facebook and all other users are constantly informing about their screen times and their negative effects – according to experts, PUBG acts irresponsibly and works without a warning mechanism.

3) Few feel that PUBG is spreading violence.

This is why most of the countries are now considering banning PUBG-induced gambling addiction.

PUBG BAN: India banned PUBG for completely different reasons

Few Indian states had banned PUBG even before the Indian government decided to ban PUBG across the country following the anti-China wave. The Government of India is listing more than 118 Chinese mobile applications, including PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile Lite, Baidu, and WeChat, to help counter the threat these applications pose to the country “Sovereignty and Security”.

These applications are also believed to cause problems for state security and public order “This decision is an objective that must be achieved for the security of the state, security and sovereignty of Indian cyberspace.” said the Indian IT Ministry.

PUBG ban: It is “unlikely” that the Indian government will lift the PUBG ban anytime soon

It is “unlikely” that the Indian government will lift the ban on PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) anytime soon. The South Korean owners of PUBG forged ties with Tencent in India to get things going again in the biggest market. However, the Department of Electronics and Information Technology is in no mood to slacken.

InsideSport has learned from its sources at the ministry that the Indian government will not lift the PUBG ban just by announcing the change of ownership in the country. According to the Ministry’s sources, the Government of India is deeply concerned about various other issues associated with the app and until or until this is addressed the PUBG ban will not be rolled back.

“In addition to ownership issues, we’re concerned about user data and various other issues related to these apps. A decision to lift the ban will not be made until they have been addressed or not, ”InsideSport told a ministry source.

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