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PUBG ban: PUBG still works on your phone. Check out how

PUBG was banned by India on September 2, 2020 along with 118 other apps. The ban was for safety reasons.

The apps were not available in the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. The game wouldn’t even be installed from APK if you hadn’t installed the game before. This is because Google or Apple do not assign a new ID to the game.

If you previously installed the game like millions of other PUBG players, you can probably still play the game. While some gamers are complaining that it’s not running on the Jio network, some issues with face updates, etc., overall the game is still playable. Another game that has been banned but is still playable is Arena of Valor (AOV).

How can these games be played after the ban?

For reference, we saw that TikTok didn’t take more than 2 days to stop working. Then why does PUBG still work?

The main reason for this is because the PUBG servers for India were not shut down by the developers. They continued to operate the servers and recently announced that they are in talks with the government. This is an indication of their hope that the game will no longer be banned and they won’t lose millions of players and a healthy esports ecosystem.

If the Government of India wants to completely ban players from playing the game, it can do so by

· Ask ISPs to filter known PUBG IP addresses from their routing tables.

· Ask DNS providers to stop resolving addresses for known PUBG domains.

· Ask Apple and Google to blacklist the apps for all phones.

· Maybe a combination of these.

However, we are not sure when the government will block the servers. It may take some time before such bans are in place. Unless the PUBG Corps disables server access for the Indian region, users will have the upper hand to still play the game without using a VPN even after the ban. There is currently no information on when PUBG Mobile servers will go down. ISPs step in to respond to the ban. When ISPs block the app, content cannot be shared because the internet traffic flows through their servers. If the government so wishes, they can remove apps from your phone.

Apple can remotely remove applications from your iPhone

The government, which has taken no steps to pursue the ban announcement, has given the community hope that the game will stand.

The legal process of simultaneous seizure of DNS domains and IP ranges, thereby affecting the functionality of the apps. Basically, all major ISPs are ordered to inject BGP routes into blackhole IP ranges while ICANN hands over DNS ranges to the Indian government. Once the game is blocked, players will not be able to start a new game, log in, or update the game.

The player’s concern about the money spent on the ID’s microtransactions, such as: B. In-Game Skins and Royal Pass and Loot Boxes, is provided by PUBG Corp. still not considered. The company has split with Tencent in hopes they can work a deal with the government to officially bring the game back.

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