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PUBG fixed? New patch fixes the Desync problem

PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds developer PUBG Corp. is still running his #FixPUBG campaign. The studio has pledged to address common issues that have ruined a significant percentage of players' games. Of these topics, "Desync" is the most obvious and most lamented. But PUBG Corp. last night released a server patch that might give the impression that in most cases your game and the live server are out of sync.

To explain the problem, the Desync process depicts a local game, one player does one thing and the server has another. One of the most offensive examples of this is when an enemy starts shooting you without ever leaping out of cover. This happens for various reasons, but PUBG Corp. claimed last night that the underlying issue has been resolved.

"Fixed a bug with Motion Interpolation [that]which could delay the movement of other players", published the PUBG Help Account on Twitter . "This greatly mitigates cases of Desync under normal network conditions where players were shot on the screen shortly before their appearance on the screen."

If this is the case, it should greatly improve the experience for fans who have stayed with PUBG


But game developers say a lot on Twitter. Who should say that? Well, YouTube developer WackyJacky, known for his PUBG analysis videos, claims the difference is very noticeable.

"This was the best performance I've had in a long time," said WackyJacky. "And everyone I've talked to, who plays the game a lot, and who played yesterday and the day before says the same thing." Players from Fortnite or Call of Duys BOBO win. However, it should help restless players lose interest in the game.

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