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PUBG Mobile remains banned in India, but for the remainder of the season 15 is launched today

The brand new season of PUBG Mobile has started. Season 15, titled Beyond Ace, is now available and players can purchase the new Royale Pass starting today. The new season is focused on elite warriors and brings two prominent costume sets that you can earn as you progress through the RP (Royale Pass) missions.

There is a new upgradeable set that ranges from the Whitestar to the Silverstar to the Blackwing outfit. This is primarily suitable for a female figure. The best thing, however, is the Samurai Ops set which you can get at 100 RP. Of course, there are a ton of other items that you can earn, like the Gauntlet skin for the Thompson and the Samurai Ops smoke grenade skin. As usual, you can upgrade to the Elite Royale Pass for 600 UC and the Elite Royale Pass Plus for 1

800 UC.

Here are some of the most important items that you can earn during the RP missions:

RP 1 – Whitestar Outfit and Gauntlet Thompson Skin

RP 5 – Whitestar headgear

RP 10 – Samurai Ops smoke grenade

RP 20 – Sad Emote, backpack for golden nights

RP 25 – Island Dance Emote

RP 30 – Samurai Ops Parachute, Shadow Assassin Outfit

RP 35 – Shadow Assassin Headgear

RP 40 – Samurai Ops – Pan

RP 50 – Silver Plate – VSS, Royal Finish Plane Skin

RP 52 – PUBG Extraordinary box

RP 60 – Silverstar Outfit and Silverstar Headgear

RP 70 – Samurai Ops Emote

RP 75 – Samurai Ops Avatar

RP 80 – Samurai Ops helmet

RP 90 – Samurai Ops – AKM

RP 100 – Samurai Ops Outfit and Samurai Ops Headgear

PUBG Mobile remains banned in the country after the Government of India released an order earlier this month to ban 118 Chinese apps in the country, including the hugely popular Battle Royale game. According to the guidelines, downloading or updating the game through official and unofficial methods is illegal in the country.

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