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PUBG Mobile – Top Slangs Used In PUBG, We Bet You Didn’t Know!

PUBG Mobile Slangs: Much has been said and discussed about the ban on PUBG. With the fast paced gaming world and the availability of smartphones, PlayerUnknown Battleground has become one of the most popular battle royale games in India. Although the Indian government has banned this favorite game of young Indians regarding security breach and data transfer. But today we’re going to remember the good old days when we played PUBG and used some of the most interesting slangs that we bet you haven’t heard of. Also Read – PUBG Unban: PUBG Corp seeks Indian partner to revive popular mobile game in India

Enemy discovered … this time for Realm

Enemies Ahead is one of the most common terms used when playing PUBG Mobile. To win the game you need to keep an eye on your enemies. Whenever you find out about the hidden enemy in the game, highlight it and everyone on your team will be notified of the hidden enemy. An icon will appear indicating ̵

6;Enemies Ahead’ as soon as you highlight. Also, how far it is. Also read – PUBG returns to India? PUBG Corp breaks ties with Tencent Games to hand them over to the Korean firm

Go to the safe zone

Survival is one of the main features of PUBG Mobile. As you get closer to the game, the safety zone decreases and moves towards the other section of the map. This is the time to notify your friends of the immediate move to the safe zone. Also read – PUBG Mobile 1.0 Update for Android and iOS on September 8th – Advanced Erangel Map and much more

Educate yourself on me

Form up on me is a short message that you send to your team to get together. Whenever you are surrounded by many enemies or scattered around the map, use this term to request a backup. The term is used to call your dispersed team to be together and not get killed. Remaining in the team increases the chances of survival.

Go behind the tree

There are two best spots in PUBG for hiding while playing. One of the points is to get behind the tree. However, a player can hide in the building, resulting in less visibility. So better hide behind the tree so that you are less attacked. Hiding behind the tree will save you from the ball and increase your chances of staying in the game.

Focus on the boss

This term is generally used to refer to team thinking and aligning them to win the match. PUBG is more than just a normal shooting game. If you and your team don’t have a strategy and skill set, you are sure to lose it. You have to improve every step and that comes from experience. The more experience you have in the game, the greater your chances of survival.

I’ll go in first, as usual

PlayerUnknown’s battlefield is a game full of excitement, frustration, and reward, so someone has to take responsibility for the game. This slang is used to get ahead of the game in the first place. Keep an eye on the map and get up to speed quickly. The term “as usual” in this slang is a kind of show and shows your dominance in the game.

Some of the other slangs used in Pubg are Y.You like mango sticky rice, you don’t look half angry, guns are with us and Sawadee Kha … Happy now? The number of PUBG cellular users in India was 175 million, making it the highest compared to any country in the world. Following government measures, Android or iOS users will no longer be able to download PUBG Mobile from the App Store.

On September 2, 118 applications, including PUBG Mobile, were banned by the Indian government. The multiplayer game Battle Royal in India had a large user base and the ban on the game is big news to them. The game has now been removed from both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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