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Put the new August Smart Lock on your doorstep with WiFi for $ 209


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I am sorry I bought mine August Smart Lock. Not because I don̵

7;t like it – I actually love it. But I bought it in January when I was moving into a new apartment because I knew the new fourth generation version with Wi-Fi was only a few months away. I haven’t had the patience to wait, and now you can take advantage of the deal I’m missing out on in a rush to make my apartment too smart. Right now you can get that August 4th Generation Wi-Fi Smart Lock for $ 208.71.

Is that good business? Well, the price for the new August castle has been on a downward trend for some time and has been stuck at new all-time low prices since the beginning of August. About a week ago we appeared to have hit the price bottom when it rose to $ 203 and then rose to $ 220. Today’s price of $ 209 is close to historic low and is a big part of the new castle.

August has been making smart locks longer than almost anyone, and the new fourth-generation model is an updated version of the popular lock that put the company on the map. The “retrofit” approach means the lock doesn’t replace your existing deadbolt, so you can still get into the house with your existing front door key if you want The entire installation of the Smart Lock in August takes about 10 minutes – 15 if you cannot cope with a screwdriver.

The new lock is around 45% smaller than the August Smart Lock Pro, but otherwise looks basically the same. And because it has built-in WiFi, you don’t have to buy the $ 80 Connect accessory or sacrifice a nearby power outlet to plug it in. It is completely self-contained. This new version also switches from AA batteries, which can last almost a year, to CR123 cells, which last about half as long. Would you like to learn more? Read the full CNETs August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Review.

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This article was first published earlier this year. It has been updated with the latest prices.

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The new Smart Lock from August meets the high expectations


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