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Quest 2 accessories include an Elite battery strap, carry case, and fit pack

Oculus is finally taking seriously first-party ergonomic accessories. The company offers a variety of accessories for Quest 2 to help you get the ideal fit.

Quest 2 comes with a soft strap, but from our review of the headset, we assume that you probably want something a little more essential for better support and counterweight.

Fortunately, Oculus plans to offer an Elite strap ($ 50) and an Elite battery strap ($ 80) that do just that. The Elite Battery Band charges Quest 2 during gameplay and is set to nearly double battery life. It also has its own charging port so you can charge the headset̵

7;s strap and battery at the same time.

In addition to the Elite belts, Oculus also offers a pocket for Quest 2 that offers enough space for the standard soft belt or one of the Elite belts. It also fits on the controllers, the charging block and the charging cable. The case is priced at $ 50, but is also bundled with the Elite battery strap for $ 130.

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Oculus will also be selling a $ 40 ‘Fit Kit’ that will give you two additional Quest 2 face pads designed for wider and narrower faces than the one included in the headset. The Fit Kit also contains “light blockers” that prevent light from penetrating through the nasal cavity.

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Oculus continues to work with third-party accessory manufacturers to ensure that Quest 2 still offers officially licensed third-party accessories such as Logitech and VR Cover.

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