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Rail-Less Joy-Con patent is causing speculation that Nintendo Switch Pro doesn’t support handheld mode

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con New

A leaked patent for a new Joy-Con controller has led to speculation that the rumored 4K that supports “Nintendo Switch Pro” doesn’t support handheld mode.

Earlier this month, Video Games Chronicle (VGC) reported a leaked Nintendo patent that was filed in May 201

8 and internationally registered in April 2020. The patent appears to be a patent for a new form of Joy-Con.

That noted “Characteristic properties” belong to the new Joy-Con “the decorative design for a controller for computers. ” Computer can still mean Nintendo Switch in this case. The rather sparse description would also indicate that details were not published.

The biggest curiosity is that the Joy-Con wasn’t missing a rail. Hence, a purely wireless connection would be required to work with a Nintendo Switch. The controller didn’t appear to have any charging ports, but we’re assuming it will (as the return to single-use batteries seems dubious).

VGC theorized that these detachable Joy-Cons are used for games that require detached Joy-Cons (such as Super Mario 3D All-Stars) and provision of HD rumble or IR motion cameras for the Nintendo Switch Lite. VGC was also quick to mention that the patent did not guarantee a product that would be released.

Although this has been suggested by VGC, T3 assumes in its report that the new Joy-Cons may indicate that the rumored “Nintendo Switch Pro” has discontinued handheld mode and will be a traditional home console.

While Joy-Cons are in desperate need of a redesign due to the infamous Joy-Con drift problem, the lack of a rail on this new Joy-Con would indicate other important changes.

In a previous report, we quoted the Taiwanese outlet The Economic Daily News (via GamesIndustry.biz). Their sources claimed the new console was “interactive and has better picture quality”(Translation: Google translator).

If we assume the translation was incorrect, the Nintendo Switch Pro may offer more ways for gamers to interact with games. As such, a new Joy-Con would make this easier.

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Image: Nintendo, WIPO Global Design Database

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