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Rainbow Six World Cup announced for summer 2021 – SiegeGG

A Rainbow Six World Cup tournament has been announced on the Ubisoft Forward panel for the summer of 2021. 45 national teams are competing in this tournament in order to reach a 20-team final for R6 in a first of its kind. In the announcement, Ubisoft stated the following about the event:

2021 will be a particularly exciting year for Rainbow Six Esports. A long-awaited new level of competition is unveiled that will make next year even more special for the community, our players, and us. We are proud to announce the inaugural Rainbow Six World Cup, a long-awaited new and independent series of competitions that will feature the best national teams in the world in the summer of 2021. We often see professional players and community show their national pride and enthusiasm during the events. International rivalries surfaced and the question keeps coming up: Which country or region is really the best at Rainbow Six Esports? 2021

will be the year to fix this.

At the beginning of 2021, 14 national teams will be invited directly to the event with five online qualifiers. 31 other countries are fighting for the remaining six places in the event. The process of forming a team was also demonstrated by breaking it down into the following steps:

  • Step 1: From September 14th, the 45 countries will select three team managers. One is chosen by the local Ubisoft office, one is chosen by local professional gamers, and the third is chosen by the local community.
  • Step 2: By autumn these managers will select the five players who will compete for the national team. This does not include more than two players from the same line-up.

The teams directly invited include Germany, Spain, Great Britain, Italy, France and Russia from Europe, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Australia in APAC, Canada and the USA in North America and Mexico and Brazil in Latin America. With these rules, the nations of the United States, Brazil and France will be the standout favorites to take the title. It is currently unknown how this will affect the planned Six Major set in the United States in August 2021.

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