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Rami Malek could be the villain of the next James Bond movie

Should 007 meet its newest enemy?
Photo: Columbia Pictures
Morning Spoilers If there's news about upcoming movies and TV that you should not know, you can find them here

The Movie Fear of the Dark has a big delay. There could be another Disney + series that revolves around classic animated villains. A Surprisingly New Alien Animation Series Comes Very Soon . Besides, Captain Marvel and the new Kim Possible team, and what does it matter? Project Blue Book . Spoilers, away!

Bond 25

According to Collider, Rami Malek is reportedly in final negotiations to play as the movie's lead villain with the next Bond movie.

Fear Street [19659009] The collider has the word Kiana Madeira and Olivia Welch will play a pair of gay teenagers who "try to control their rocky relationship when they are targeted by the crazy horrors of their small town of Shadyside" [3] Fear Street Movies. The store continues, "Each actress will play two different characters – one in the mid-90s and one in the 1600s, when gay women faced even greater adversity and repercussions."

Detective Pikachu

In a conversation with the comic book, Rob Delaney announced that he plays a small role in Detective Pikachu (19459031).

I can only say that just because others have said it. Yes, I'm in there, yes. My part plays completely in the real world. So I did not have to interact with any of these weird little Whates.

Are You Afraid Of The Dark

Unfortunately, Paramount's film Have Completely Disengaged From The Dark removed from its 2019 release. There is no information as to whether Nickelodeon's miniseries will air for promotional purposes in October. Hellboy

has received from the MPAA an R rating for "strong bloody violence and blood and language" ". What a shock! [Coming Soon]

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel becomes "binary" with Kim Possible in a new cross-promotion from the Disney Channel.

In the meantime, Goose, the cat, is riding a jet in the latest TV commercial.

We also have a new feature that is basically propaganda for the US Air Force. Huz … zah?


A24 has published an animated teaser for Midsommar Ari Asters's successor to Hereditary Konstantin.


Although no further details are available, We Got This Covered reports that Warner Bros. has decided to develop a new television series with Matt Ryan as John Constantine.

The Mandalorian

The Latest Episode The Star Wars Show has confirmed that the production of the series is complete.

Project Blue Book

Finally, an alien kidnapper keeps Hynek and Quinn hostage in the trailer for Project Blue next week Book "Abduction". Banner Art by Jim Cooke .

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