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Ranking EVERY PS5 launch game from worst to best


Right now the next generation “console wars” are heating up, and although Microsoft is stepping in with a “don’t worry, everything is for everyone, we have you” mentality, theirs Purchase of Bethesda somehow turn that feeling upside down in a great way.

What will you actually be doing on the PS5 site in early November after throwing half a giant on the new system?

It’s worth noting that currently only a fraction of the titles displayed on the various PS5 showcases are actually PS5 exclusive. Many are time-controlled exclusive or even full cross-platform releases. Resident Evil VIII and Hitman 3 are coming to Xbox or Miles Morales, Horizon Forbidden West and Kena: Bridge of Spirits will be forward compatible with PS4.

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7;s an odd old time for an even stranger year, and it feels like Sony and Microsoft are improving each other every step of the way.

Let’s focus on the facts first: The games you can play on the first day of PS5 ownership.

What’s the worth of your money when first-party titles and next-gen offers generally get price hikes to $ 80 / £ 70?

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Note: Games that receive a PS5 re-release (Avengers, Watch Dogs, Fortnite, NBA 2K21) do not count. We rate titles that fall when the system starts.

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